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19 September 2010

The situation of Yoon Doojoon becoming a butler for Seo Shinae?

Seo Shinae who is letting her name be known as the child actress confessed to being BEAST Yoon Doojoon's fan.

On September 21st at 6:10 PM, MBC Chuseok Special 'The Butler of a Female Actress' will be featuring Yoon Doojoon & Marco as the butlers of Seo Shinae.

Seo Shinae was known for featuring on the MBC sitcom 'Highkick Through the Roof' with BEAST's Lee Kikwang. However, it wasn't Lee Kikwang who captured her heart but Yoon Doojoon. She is a big fan in knowing all of BEAST's song, she confessed.

Seo Shinae, who has always liked Yoon Doojoon, was delighted in having him as her butler. However, an unwanted guest butted in. People thinking that he has an age mentality issue, Marco is also a butler for Seo Shinae. In receiving assistance from the loud Butler Ma and Butler Yoon whom she dreamed of, Seo Shinae will start carry on her daily activities as if it were a variety show.

Who will snag the heart of Miss Seo Shinae in the end - the dreamed of Yoon Doojoon or the loud but hardworking Marco? Loud but romantic, the attention of the viewers is fixed on the story of the female actress and the butler.

seoulfoood @B2ST RISING (TRANS)

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