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05 September 2010

SBS PD calls 2PM, 2AM, and SHINee “pieces of trash”

A tweet left on an SBS variety show PD’s Twitter has recently sparked a controversy, as he called 2PM, 2AM, and SHINeepieces of trash’.

On the 4th, the PD wrote, “I’m just roughly working on a special episode with 2PM, SHINee and 2AM, those pieces of trash haha.”

The fans who read this caused an outrage saying, “He thinks they’re a joke, and he intended to diss them” and “How can he say that so calmly?”

On the flip side, there is also another response from fans and netizens, saying they should calm down. They left comments such as, “Putting the term ‘trash’ aside, the fact that he is only just ‘roughly’ making a special episode is something SBS could potentially fire him for, do you really think he could be telling the truth? It sounds like he is just ironically showing his close friendship with them” and “People need to remind themselves that he said it in his own personal space.”

This just goes to show that these days, in a world where social communication has become a major factor in society, saying just one sentence has the potential to turn an innocuous comment into a full blown issue.


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