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14 September 2010

Robot made by CL’s father stars in “Can’t Nobody” MV!

On the 12th, 2NE1’s music video for “Can’t Nobody” was released and near the middle of the video, leader CL’s solo scene is filmed before human-sized robots. These robots, as it turns out, were creations of CL’s father!

In a recent interview, CL revealed that “My father writes and makes robots in his free time” and sounding very proud of her father, she announced that “The robot that my father made will appear in the Music Video for “Can’t Nobody”!”

Her father is Lee Ki Jin, a professor of physics at SuhGang University and also a children’s story author with a few series of his own, such as “Headbutt Kkakka“. In the stories, there are characters that have been modeled after CL.

CL said that due to her father’s endless creations and his passion for them, his passion subsequently rubbed off on her. She thanked her father for his unfailing support when she became a singer.

CL laughed as she said, “When I was little, I didn’t have a TV in my house. Instead, I spent my weekends drawing with my father, listening to music, and going on walks. My mother also drew and participates in many creative activities, and I think I was greatly influenced by the two of them.

2NE1 has come back onto the stage after a year with their first full album, “To Anyone”. They have been promoting their three songs, “Clap Your Hands”, “Can’t Nobody”, and “Go Away”.

Credits: EDaily

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