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12 September 2010

[NEWS] Taeyang, “From the beginning Jihye hasn’t been my ‘type’”

Taeyang of Big Bang talked about his long-term dance partner, OL (Ji Hye).

Taeyang’s appearance on KBS 2TV “Entertainment Tonight” Guerilla Date was broadcasted on the 11th, where the topic about his “Kiss” performarce with dancer OL has raised questions. Since Taeyang’s first solo, “Only Look at Me“, up until now OL has been standing with him on stage.

Taeyang said about OL, “Because we’ve known each other since really young,She’s pretty, but not my type” he replied briefly. When asked who his type was then, he replied with, “My type..I don’t know..the dancers are pretty but, someone I can communicate well with, like a soul mate.”

Note: I translated directly from the video where Taeyang said this because the article made it sound like Taeyang was saying it in a bad way and they cut out parts. Taeyang is saying that because they’ve known each other since young he doesn’t see her in that way.

Source: 스타뉴스
Translated: Jae In @ ibigbang.wordpress.com

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