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11 September 2010

{NEWS} 100910 ‘Face-Off’ Infinite – DBSK ‘Mirotic’ vs Teen Top – 2PM ‘Heartbeat’ Perfect Reenactment

7 membered newcomer idol group, Infinite, perfectly reenacted DBSK’s ‘Mirotic’ stage.

On the recording of the September 12th episode of MBC Youth Variety, ‘Bouquet’, Infinite and Teen Top had a face-off and throughout the whole recording, they showed an incredible match.

And on this day, Infinite perfectly reenacted DBSK’s ‘Mirotic’ on the part where they had to pick a song from a senior they respected the most for the performance face-off.

Following this, Teen Top recriminated Infinite’s stage with 2PM’s ‘Heartbeat’, making an interesting face-off. It will air on the 12th at 4:10 PM.

[Newsen Entertainment]

CREDITS: Nate.com ; Newsen ; Hyejin [crazeecores] @ Endless Limits / Over Zero (Translations)

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