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11 September 2010

[News] 100909 Musical Concert Starring Kim Junsu, VIP Seats are Sold Out in 1 Minute

howing off an all time record of pre-order ticket sales in musical history, the VIP seats of “Kim Junsu Musical Concert & Levay with Friends” are sold out in only one minute, proving how the concert has garnered a hot interests from public.

The concert is built up with participation of the world music master Sylvester Levay, along with Junsu who also acted as leading role in “Musical Mozart!”, as well as many more Korean top musical actors.

The interests has been piled up particularly since the announcement of performances from “Mozart!”, highlight numbers from musical ‘Elizabeth’, and the release of new song for Junsu that is worked by Sylvester Levay.

When the ticket battle ended on the 7th, a production company official announced, “As recommended by the world dramatist Levay, the famous lyricist of Grammy Award winning songs “Fly Robin Fly” and “Get Up and Boogie” Michael Kunze has decided to participate in the lyrics of a new song written for Xiah Junsu. For the lyrics, the original one is scheduled to be written in English first.”

“Kim Junsu Musical Concert & Levay with Friends” starts from October 7th to 10th in Olympic Park Stadium.

credit: Chosun
trans: sharingyoochun.net

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