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09 September 2010

Messages from 2NE1 & YG Family

We've been totally waiting for this~!!! Let's all work hard!!! Okay??

To Our fans~
Wassup?! ^.^ It was a long wait, right? Kya~! We're back! Now let's have some fu~un!!! Live broadcast go go go~!!! Let's enjoy the stage together!

2NE1 is nothing without you. [I] am always thankful.

As much as it's an album after over 1 year, it's filled with a 2NE1's own feel!!! Please look forward to it!
-2NE1 Minzy

2NE1's To Anyone!!!
2NE1's first full album [we] have been longing for and looking forward to~
Bom- Dara- Chae Rin- Minzy!
I'm excited and looking forward to the four's awesome stage~
Working hard as always, show [us] a good performance~!!
Your No. 1 fan -Vennie- ^ ^
Good Luck~!!!

Give your fans a lot of good songs to listen to~

2NE1 Go play
With all your heart!

Source: 이정재 @baidu // Translated: orangie @ YGLadies

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