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07 September 2010

KARA delays comeback after Seungyeon gets hospitalized

KARA’s Seungyeon has been hospitalized after damaging her lumbar (lower spine).

Currently, she is hospitalized in a Seoul Kangnam hospital for treatment. She had felt pain in her lumbar region and the doctors told her she had to be treated for it.

DSP Media (KARA’s company) said on the 7th, “Seungyeon is in the hospital due to pain in her lumbar area. It looks like she got hurt while exercising. She had been exercising a lot lately and started to feel pain so she visited the hospital. We thought it wasn’t a big deal but her lower spine has been damaged quite a bit. She’s now taking a rest and her condition is improving. It’s not too serious.

As a result of her injury, KARA’s comeback has been postponed. The girls had been looking to return in the end of this month but they will now delay it to the beginning of October.

Her health definitely should come first so let’s hope she gets better soon.


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