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10 September 2010

JYPE Artists Comeback in October

The artists of JYP Entertainment are all set for comebacks in October.

According to an industry representative, 2PM, 2AM, and miss A are set to release new albums within weeks of one another, making many wonder how the competition will unfold.

miss A debuted in July with their title track “Bad Girl Good Girl” ranking high on the charts. They are said to be releasing a new mini-album by the end of September or early October with a more powerful and stylish performance and musical style that will set them apart from other girl groups in the market.

The second week of October also marks the comeback of 2PM, their first in 6 months after releasing “Without You” last April. Although the details of the album have yet to be finalized, the possibilities of it being a mini-album are high.

2AM, the group that took the first half of 2010 by storm with their hit tracks “Can’t Send You Away Even If I Die” and “I Did Wrong,” will be coming back on the last week of October with their first official album since their debut in 2007. Bang Shihyuk is currently finalizing their title track.
Industry representatives commented, “It seems like it will be a competition worth watching.”

S: news.sportsseoul.comm+ akp

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