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11 September 2010

Hangeng revealed about the release of concert DVD, personally designed a T-shirt for fan

Baidu Entertainment. Following after the release of the new album and the two concerts, on the 8th of September, Han Geng, as a guest in Baidu Entertainment revealed that he will be releasing a new work – a celebratory concert DVD. Other than talking about the behind scenes and stories of preparation for the album and the concert, during the interview, the staffs allowed fans to interact closely with Han Geng, Han Geng also personally designed a T-shirt on the spot and gave it to his fans.

For the filming of MV
Neither sleep nor rest for 2 days and 2 nights

After leaving Super Junior and becoming a solo artiste, Han Geng did not put a stop to his career in this industry and release his first solo album in July. To produce this album, Han Geng went to as far as America and got help from Michael Jackson’s dancing team to choreograph his dance. For this album, famous producers in the industry were also invited to work together. Talking about the album, Han Geng stated that he gave in all his effort for every process during the production, “Every step and every detail while producing this album, they are not easy, especially during the preparation, I slept at 4AM, 5AM in the morning, there were a lot of things that we need to discuss about.”

Other than participating personally in production of this album, Han Geng also put many thoughts into the production of the MV. He had already thought of filming a movie-like MV long ago, and ’s MV just happened to make his wish come true. But when filming for “I did not sleep for 2 days and 2 nights, everyone did not sleep as well.” When talking about the feeling at the moment, Han Geng couldn’t stop himself and said, “looking at myself then, I just looked so tired, so sleepy, when I closed my eyes, it feels like the whole world is spinning.”

Revealed behind scenes of the concert
DVD would be released in Novemeber

After the release of his album, Han Geng went on immediately to hold two solo concerts in Beijing. Talking about his experience for this concert, Han Geng expressed that every memory of the concert is still fresh in his mind, “because this stage belongs solely to my fans and myself, that concert left a deep impression in me.” During the concert, other than focusing on the music and dance, the changing of outfits also left a deep impression in the audiences, but changing of outfits so frequently, mistakes were made as well, “Actually I was supposed to wear a red jacket, but in the end, I forgot.”

According to Han Geng, the concert DVD would be released in November. In this DVD, other than showing the full concert, behind scenes and behind stories of the concert would be recorded inside as well, “The DVD would be a celebratory version,” 7 MVs of the songs in the new album would be put in the DVD as well, Han Geng said, “footages of me practicing for the concert and some fun stuffs would be included as well.”

Han Geng personally designed a T-shirt for his fans
Revealed that he wants to have his own line of clothing

In a segment, “Bai Bian Da Ming Xing”, Han Geng transformed into a designer. Using a pair of scissors and markers, he turned a normal Baidu T-shirt into a unique Han Geng’s fashion T-shirt. The fan who got this T-shirt is a boy who would be studying overseas soon, being able to get a chance like that before he goes overseas, this excited fan expressed that, “I will study hard overseas, I will serve the country once I graduate! And, I will treat you as my role model. I will persist and work hard!” After Han Geng finished designing the T-shirt, he expressed that he is interested in fashion designing, “I really like to have my own line of clothing, but now, the time doesn’t allow.”

Source: Baidu Entertainment
Shared by: onewhomust @ geng-bao.net
Translated by: huiwensg @ geng-bao.net
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