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09 September 2010

BEAST's Yoseob wins the highest place in the "horse" riding game

Last week, all six members of BEAST caught the attention by showing off their own speciality and different colors on SBS E!TV (http://etv.sbs.co.kr) .

The second part of BEAST special was much like the first part with the six members trying to discover their own talents and specialties on the episode.

In the game where the members had to go on top of the chairs and move their whole body to make the chair move, Yoseob showed off suprising speed and showed off amazing skills that even shocked the members and the staff proudly winning a post as the king of the “horse” riding.

Yoseob had even showed off a cute side when he did the ceremony of walking backwards while some were having trouble of moving in general.

The filming for this episode also proceeded in a joyful manner since the character of the BEAST members showed so clearly. Leader Doojoon showed off his competitiveness in all the games while Hyunseung displayed a 4D character making it hard it on Shin Junghwan PD and Chun Myunghoon AD, but still attracting laughter.

All the six members portrayed a harmonious teamwork along with the competition with each other. Leader Doojoon expressed his happiness by stated, “It feels like I’m at a MT.”

In the second part of ShinPD, there is the chair racing, but also a game called, “Pronounce it correctly SHOW!” where the members have to read long statements that are hard to read and pronounce.

The second part with BEAST will be broadcasted on the 8th of September at 12AM through SBS E!TV.

CREDITS: Enternews(SOURCE); aoistars@B2ST RISING (TRANS)

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