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11 September 2010

2PM’s abs exposure permissible, but Rainbow’s is not?

As many of you know, the recent review criteria for singers on music programs has become stricter, and there is dissatisfaction with the unfairness of the new regulation.

The same dance moves cause completely opposite reactions depending on if a male singer or a female singer does it. Even song lyrics and meaning are interpreted arbitrarily, preventing many singers from performing on music programs.

Recently, girl group Rainbow’s “ab dance,” in which the girls slightly lift their shirts, has been banned and deleted from the choreography. The reason for this ban was that the dance was considered too obscene. Rainbow’s company DSP Media accepted the commissioners and producers’ opinions and fixed the group’s dance, but others involved in the music industry were bewildered by these strict restrictions.

Male singers such as Rain and 2PM have gained attention by exposing a lot more skin on television than this, ripping off their shirts on stage. Big Bang also performed choreography similar to Rainbow’s “ab dance” before, but fans and broadcasters only seemed happy to see this.

So why is Rainbow not allowed to do this “ab dance”, which was done by Big Bang 2 to 3 years ago? Some are calling this an act of sexism. In reality, there are many cases in which female singers are immediately struck down for leaving even the tiniest room for imagination.

Male groups are allowed to have explicit sexual lyrics, but if female singers’ lyrics even mention any part of the human body, it is considered sexual and inappropriate. One representative stated, “Although there is no obvious evidence, it is true that the review criteria is stricter for female singers. The commissioners and producers in charge of the deliberations are middle-aged men, so female singers seem to become more sensitive.”

Source: Chosun News + akp

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