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19 September 2010

2NE1 receives criticism for questionable first place ranking

Girl group 2NE1 rose to first place in various music charts soon after their comeback. The public is giving great attention towards this group who is sweeping charts right after they came back to the music scene, but what is the real meaning behind “first place?”

On various music charts dated September 16th and 17th, it is readily apparent that 2NE1 is not first place. In numerous music charts, including Melon, Dosirak and Soribada, the first place song was J Lim and Jo Kwon’s “On the Way to Breakup” while 2NE1 placed first. According to Mnet, 2NE1’s favored music website, on September 16th, 2NE1 placed first, while on the 17th, J Lim and Jo Kwon placed first. Currently,the first place position is taken by J Lim and Jo Kwon.

Online music charts such as Melon places their rankings according to the scale of 40% streaming rates and 60% download rates. Dosirak too, places their rankings on a similar fashion where they consider both streaming and download components. J Lim’s album is currently not released offline yet, and she has not made a public appearance as well. However, it has been recorded that she has placed first along with Jo Kwon nevertheless, reinstating her great popularity. Meanwhile, 2NE1 placed first after their performance during a period where other girl groups were not present. Furthermore, the group’s first place position was then taken a week later by J Lim and Jo Kwon.

However, in light of these controversies, it is still true that 2NE1 is showing strong power in offline music sales. According to one music vendor, “2NE1’s album has currently released 9,000 copies where 3,000 copies were sold.” Although these numbers indicate strong sales, it is far from what YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk stated regarding “10,000 copies being sold in just 5 days.”

Recently, 2NE1 rose to first place with their new song “Can’t Nobody” on KBS’s Music Bank. For this week’s rankings, KBS used numbers derived from September 6th to 12th. However, the current trend and hype is not 2NE1 despite the fact that they were first place only three days ago as the first place among music charts is not 2NE1 but J Lim and Jo Kwon. What is more surprising, though, is that despite these changes in ranking positions, various television channels are giving 2NE1 the centered attention. Especially SBS’s Inkigayo that recently became a hot topic for giving 2NE1 11 minutes of comeback show time for the first time.

Because of this, affiliated music individuals explained regarding the situation, “Ranked music programs are created by PDs. It is just part of reality for special ‘hot’ singers to receive more attention and show time,” addressing the issue regarding fairness in music programs.

source: AKP

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