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10 September 2010

2NE1: Most anticipated fall comeback

2NE1 has surfaced as the most anticipated artist to be making a fall comeback.

On music specialty site, Monkey3, a survey was put up with the question 'The artist you're waiting to make a fall comeback in 2010 is?'. Out of a total of 1076 votes, 2NE1 won first place, scoring a total of 336 votes (31%).

Before their comeback performance, their three title songs, 'Go Away', 'Can't Nobody', and 'Clap Your Hands' swept up the positions 1st-3rd on various online music real time charts, including Monkey3.

BEAST placed 2nd place with 155 votes (14%) . With their subsequent hit songs, 'Shock' and 'Mystery', they are a rapidly rising idol group. The lead vocal, Yang Yoseob, received surgery due to rhinitis, and BEAST is scheduled to make a comeback when he is fully recovered.

1TYM's name rose to third place, who will be resuming activities with their 6th album with 155 votes (14%).

Following them, Sung Shikyung took 4th place (131 votes, 12%), Park Hyoshin at 5th (108 votes, 10%), and Yang Donggeun won 6th place (77 votes, 7%).

S: nate
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