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09 September 2010

2NE1 Daum Interview

A greeting message to the members of Daum Music
With our first full length album 'To Anyone'
We are once again taking the idol world by storm!

CL introduces 2NE1's first full length album [To Anyone]

Finally 2NE1 has returned with their first full-length album after a year. (Laughs)
This time, the album is one that includes new songs that range from bright, exciting songs to sad, heart-broken ones, displaying 2NE1's various styles, as well as previously released digital singles that have received a lot of love.

We have prepared for this for such a long time, so we are also very excited.
I think we'll be able to please everyone who has waited for us, not just through music but also through live performances.

Especially since this album will have 3 title tracks!
Please love Can't Nobody/Clap Your Hands/Go Away equally, and it would be great if 2NE1's album became a present to everyone like a great friend.

Park Bom introduces [Can't Nobody]

First of all, this song is a song by the main producer of 2NE1's album, Teddy. (Laughs)
In short, it's a really ama~~zing song!
As the song plays, the beginning and the end are so different from each other so it's fun to listen to. Because it also has a polished feel to it, it's a cool song that will make you want to move your body naturally as you listen to it more.

Go go go and fall into the exciting yet cool charms of 'Can't Nobody'!

Dara introduces [Clap your Hands]

This song is a work made by another charming producer KUSH, who made his return to YG under a new name, e.knock. Just like the feeling that the title of the song gives, it's an exciting, hip-hop song. When you listen to it, before you know it, it makes everyone start clapping.

With this song, we're going to try to have fun on stage in our own 2NE1-way. (Laughs)

Please give a lot of love to the music as well, and please anticipate our performance of 'Clap Your Hands' which is just as exciting as the song title~!

Minji introduces [GO AWAY]

We're here, we're here~ Finally!!

An upgraded version of 'I Don't Care' representing how much 2NE1 has matured after coming back with an album after one year!
This song is 'Go Away'.

Girls~ Shall we give our ex-boyfriends
A hard~ kick in a more refreshing way?
The melody is easy to follow and it's also an easy song to sing,
You can even meet 2NE1's refreshing style of siniging. (Laughs)
Well then, please give 2NE1's 'Go Away' lots of love~!

Source: Daum // Translated by GEE & elise @ YGLadies

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