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13 August 2010

Super Junior ShinDong, “My girlfriend is not a sa-saeng fan”

Super Junior ShinDong talks about his girlfriend whom he wants to get married with.

ShinDong wrote regarding the questions and misunderstandings about him getting married on his Twitter on 11th August. He wrote, “Please stop asking when I will get married. There are people who congratulated me on that, but there are also many people who had made things hard for me on this issue.”

He also clarified on misunderstandings on his girlfriend, “There are also people who asked if she is a *sa-saeng fan, she is not. Who started this rumour? I got really mad when people say that the story about her as my college junior is just scripted for broadcast.”

He ended with, “I will work hard to answer and clarify all the misunderstandings. Until the happy day comes.”

S: MT StarNews

*Sa-saeng fan: An extremist fan, one who invades into the private life of stars

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