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20 August 2010

[Photos+Trans] 100820 JYJ a-nation’10 report

A-nation rehearsal report!
We got in the rehearsal of JUNSU/YUCHUN/JEJUNG for the a-nation.
When we opened the door for the rehearsal room…. the 3 were dance rehearsing.
For this year’s a-nation it seems that you will be able to see the cool dance again~♪! Please look forward to it!
During their break we showed the members their a-nation goods!

The 3 set of face towel, fan, and bangel. Yoochun was satisfied.
T-shirt and face towel. Seems like he’s at a live!? Then Jaejoong put on a ribbon hairband too!

He put the pouch in the vinyl bag, summer mode Junsu! His charisma mode is off so please understand the backshot. We’re sorry

“The color orange is pretty so it seems like we’ll be able to see it well from the stage!” the member said happily!
To the people who are going to attend, please let the place be full with orange~!

After this the rehearsal started again! Here is how it looks!
Jaejoong is still wearing the t-shirt and ribbon hairband during the rehearsal *laugh*

It was a short rehearsal but the members are concentrating and working hard!
They are excited to see the fans!

To the people attending to the live, please be careful of the heat and enjoy together~!
credit: rhythmzone
trans+ shared by: sharingyoochun

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