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13 August 2010

Park SooJin, “I had cried on 2 occasions because of Super Junior Kim HeeChul”

Park SooJin reveals an episode where she had cried because of Kim HeeChul.

Park SooJin had revealed during her guest appearance on SBS Strong Heart aired on 3rd August, “I acted as couple with Kim HeeChul in drama ‘I love you 10 million times’. And I became very close with Kim HeeChul and we were like siblings when we were filming the drama.”

She then added, “Kim HeeChul is someone who is very particular about cleanliness. We were filming this scene where we were on our newly wed vacation. He had taken my hand held it to his face. He looked at my fingernails (which were soiled), and pushed me away saying ‘I am not able to garner any emotions, I can’t act this scene’. Even after I apologised, he had put up a face all the way till the end, and I was angry myself too.”

Park SooJin added, “There was also once where there was only 2 of us in the car and I cried because Kim HeeChul was singing a song.”


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