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13 August 2010

Park Jaebeom’s Second Tattoo Revealed

Taking his fans by surprise last week, an image surfaced of Park Jaebeom’s first tattoo which represented his b-boy crew, AOM. Now, a Korean tattoo artist has blogged about his experience with Jaebeom who came into his shop for a second tattoo.

Known for his artist name, SLAM, the Korean tattoo artist recently blogged about his experience with Park Jaebeom. Fellow tattoo enthusiast and rapper, Dok2 had let SLAM know that he was bringing in a new customer with him. Upon seeing Jaebeom, SLAM immediately took notice of his familiar looks and tried his best to act normally around the idol.

“They say a tattoo artist’s life is his toughness, so I acted chic, acting like I wasn’t interested, but I did see him out of my peripheral vision. His face was extremely small and was pretty. He seemed a bit skinny, but there was a last twist.”

SLAM’s juniors began to tease him after they had seen Jaebeom shirtless while he was getting his tattoo. “Jaebeom is really built. I think it’s better than your body,” they told him.

Since I was young, I never took a rest from working out, and spent 4 years training with weights, so I could not accept this. We were in a heated discussion on who has the better body throughout the time that Jaebum was getting his tattoo done. Once Jaebeom was done, he seemed to have heard our discussion. He came out without his shirt, flexing his chest, showing a satisfied look while checking his finished tattoo.

Impressed with his muscles, SLAM compared Jaebeom to artist Sangchu, who only works out when he has a photo shoot.

Jaebeom’s body is at a totally different level. He has a naturally-made body that comes from b-boying and weight training. A toad was living on his latissimus dorsi muscle. His chest muscles are also excellent. The results of whose body is better? We ended it fairly with Jaebeom winning for chest and back muscles, while I think my arms and shoulders are a bit better. Jaebeom’s natural muscles and meaning of his tattoo are below.

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