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29 August 2010

[News] 100826 FT Island, The Reason Why They're No Longer 'Idols'

5-member band FT Island is back with their new album. After their successful major debut in Japan earlier, FT Island brings us their new album, which is also to be released on 26th August.

Their new title song "Love Love Love" is somehow different from their usual music style. Without orchestra music in the background, their band sound is much distinctive.

The members have been called "idols" since their debut in 2007. However, they do not see themselves as one. We've met up with them recently and let's see what they have got to tell us.

FT Island members have grown from being teenagers to matured young men throughout the years. 3 years after their debut, the young band went on an Asia tour and many fans rushed to see them.

"We've abandoned the idea of being called 'idols' last time. In fact, we're doing more concerts than appearing on shows and we do not have restrictions like what idols do." (Lee Hongki)

"Our fans have decreased in numbers as compared to last time. But we are doing better in our music now, so it's good. There are fans who can tell that.. Now we see ourselves as a real 'band'." (Choi Jonghun)

FT Island had a major debut in Japan in May and had songs up on the Oricon chart in the top 3 positions. With more than 2 years of doing Indie music in Japan, they have gained popularity and even met up with about 20,000 fans at their recent Japan concert tour.

They even attended the Japanese rock festival "Summer Sonic" in August, showing the best they could on stage.

However, even with all these efforts they had put it, people still question, "FT island are just idols. What kind of band are they?"

Lead vocal Lee Hongki smiled and said, "We can't change people's conception so easily. Someday they will recognise our efforts."

Drummer Choi Minhwan said, "I think it's because we're still young. People think that 'they're still young, how much could they do?' The younger members have already grown up and some of us are even composing, wouldn't that change their thinking of us?"

What the members are trying to point out is that, they have 'grown up'. They're now different from their debut times but people are still looking at them like when they first debuted, which is a pity.

FT Island received lots of attention when they first debuted. They had many teenage fans and at the same time they started doing activities in Japan. This is definitely not an easy choice for the young band.

The band chose to "play instruments", instead of "doing breakdance". They went around different clubs in Tokyo to perform and slowly, they had people listening to their music and fans who like their performance. Through this, they gained self-confidence. Though there were times when they felt disheartened due to hurtful remarks, they encouraged each other because of their love for music.

FT Island members are recently into music composition. "In the first place, shouldn't a band be playing their own music" they said in sulky words but do not feel the least bit of worry because they still have more to learn and develop.

"Sometimes we felt unjust and angry when we received hurtful remarks. However, because we have seen too many of such comments, that we have gotten used to it already. We'll just practise or do something and try not to think about it." (Song Seunghyun)

"We've just completed another song and had it sent to the Japanese management a few days ago. We're getting excited to know their reaction. If we continue to work hard like this, we will be able to release an album full composed by us. Soon! Really." (Lee Hongki)

In the 4th year after their debut, FT Island is gaining more and more self-confidence. They understand their own weaknesses and are determined to develop better. We can be sure that they will be recognised as a "band", instead of "idols" in days to come.

On the other hand, FT Island have released their 2nd mini album "Beautiful Journey" on 26th and have started full-scale album promotions.

Credit: No Cut News (source) + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)
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