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20 August 2010

[News] 100820 Jaejoong acting in a new drama?

TVXQ Hero Jaejoong will make his debut in the blockbuster drama “Poseidon”. (T/N: Poseido is a popular Japanese movie)
First half of next year, Hero Jaejoong casted in the 20 episodes drama “Poseidon” (title to be confirmed) is positively under review.

The contract of his appearance will be confirmed next month, but it’s seems positive.
This first half of the year, Hero Jaejoong debuted as an actor in Japanese TV, but this is his first blockbuster drama debut in Korea.
Next year, the 20 episodes drama “Poseidon” will be about the marine police in Korea.
H2O production said “This was done with the support of the Coast Guard. The script writters worked for months with the marine police and the special teams. The viewers will be impressed by the story of the characters full of humanity and who challenges life and make sacrifices through the pain.”

“Sad Sonata” PD Yoo CheolYoong and “All In” PD Oh SangWeon will work together on that project. “Iris” scriptwritter Jo Gyoo-won will be co-author. Kang JiHwan is also part of the cast.

source: newsen
trans by: Kenoa@sharingyoochun

Forget about the 9 episodes, it’s for all 20 episodes

note: Let’s wait for an official confirmation

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