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20 August 2010

Narsha to promote followup solo song ‘Mama Mia’ with Sunny Hill as ‘Narsha’s Group’

Currently promoting as solo singer, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha will be promoting her followup hit ‘Mama Mia’ with junior singer Sunny Hill.

For the promotions of ‘Mama Mia’, Narsha will be promoting with members of Sunny Hill JooBi, SeungAh, Jang Hyun etc aand they will be called the ‘Narsha’s Group’.

Sunny Hill is a mixed group which debuted in 2007 and they are under the same agency as Narsha which is Nega Network. A representative from their agency voiced, “Narsha, who is able to show her creative concepts through her solo activities, is preparing for a more upgraded stage for her followup song. We hope that fans will anticipate.”

Meanwhile, ‘Mama Mia’ will be revealed on 20th August through the release of Narsha’s repackaged first solo album.

S: TVReport

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