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13 August 2010

Minho is regretful

“It’s like the world has lost a huge star, it’s so sad and my heart hurts.”

Idol group SHINee’s Minho could not hide his sadness upon hearing the news of Andre Kim’s (real name Kim Bongnam) death on the 12th. Back in 2008, Minho established a friendship with Andre Kim after becoming the main male model for ‘Andre Kim’s Fashion Show for World Knowledge Forum.’

Minho beat himself up, stating through his company’s representative, “I resent myself so much and became regretful for not being able to give him a simple greeting.”

Minho’s company representative stated Minho, who was scheduled to go to Kangwon-do and Sokcho for a broadcast, dropped out after receiving the sad news.

Meanwhile Andre Kim was hospitalized at Seoul National University Hospital receiving treatment for pneumonia and died of colorectal cancer on the 12th at 7:25 PM at the age of 75. The deceased has been placed in the funeral hall of Seoul National University Hospital.

source: weareshining

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