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20 August 2010

GDragon rumoured to be in a love relationship with Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko

Rumours have surfaced that Big Bang GDragon and Japanese model are in a love relationship.

A report was featured on Japanese newspaper SanKei Sports on 14th August, “Big Bang GDragon and Mizuhara Kiko in a relationship.” And after the news went out, there was overwhelming interests in Korea as to who Mizuhara Kiko is.

Mizuhara Kiko is born in 1990 in the States. She debuted as a model in 2007 in fashion magazine ‘vivi’. She is currently gaining popularity as a model.

And according to the news report, the 2 had met when Big Bang first debut in Japan in June. But GDragon’s representative’s response to the news is, “They are just close friends and not lovers.”


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