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13 August 2010

Criticisms against f(x) Sulli and Krystal’s ‘bad attitude’ blown out of proportions?

Amidst criticisms against f(x) members Krystal and Sulli with a post posted up by a CF officer “The basics are just not right”, netizens bring up a post written by Sulli when she was young.

A post by a netizen has surfaced on 11th August on an online portal site on 11th August titled ‘How bad f(x) Sulli and Krystal’s attitude are”. The netizen then attached captures of posts by f(x) CF production team’s minihompy. The minihompy posts read “It is summer and we brought along some of our interns to do interviews with f(x) but anyway, the conclusion is that Sulli and Krystal these kids don’t even have the basics.”

With criticisms against the f(x) girls, netizens also brought up the case where Sulli had revealed a diary entry she wrote when she was in elementary school. Back then, netizens have thought that Sulli’s diary entry was cute but now with the recent criticisms, many thought that the diary entry sounded rude.

Even though there are netizens who thought the girls’ attitude is bad, there are also netizens who defended the girls in this event, “What is written is not confirmed, we should wait a while and see how things go”, “I hope this is not a case of a witch hunt” etc.

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