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13 August 2010

ChangMin reveals, “SeulOng treats IU very well, he even buy clothes and shoes for her”

2AM ChangMin reveals that team member SeulOng takes good care of singer IU such that he would send her presents like sets of clothes and even shoes.

ChangMin had revealed that during his appearance on MBC SaeBaGwi aired on 7th August, “When they are together, SeulOng is seen taking good care of IU.” IU and SeulOng recently paired up for a duet collaboration ‘Nagging’ which was very well received by fans.

He added, “SeulOng would request for the other 2AM members to treat IU well if they appear together on music broadcast shows. Personally she calls me by oppa but since we are 7 years apart in age, I feel like an uncle.”

ChangMin continued, “A while back, we were in the States, SeulOng even brought back presents for IU.”

The MCs then question “Is this more than just sibling treatment?” ChangMin then explained, “SeulOng likes styling. And when he come across clothes that suits the other around him, he would buy them as presents.”

S: TVDaily

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