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20 August 2010

BoA’s tattoo garners interests

BoA’s ‘angel’ tattoo garners interests.

BoA attended the commemorative event for the 2oth year since establishment for SBS on 16th August at 7pm, and a tattoo on her back was revealed. At the event, BoA was seen with a tube jumper showing off her shoulder-line as well as her back. And many fans have pointed out the new tattoo with the letter ‘B’ on her back.

The tattoo is not just purely an alphabet but within the alphabet is a picture of an angel. With that, many netizens commented, “The tattoo is really pretty. I also want to do the same one”, “It’s not very common to have a tattoo on the back, and I like it” etc. It is known that BoA had gotten the tattoo during her activities in the States.

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