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15 August 2010

2PM’s Junho: Nichkhun is A Liar

2PM’s Junho recently exposed Nichkhun’s true self.

On the latest episode of SBS HaHa Mong Show, Junho revealed, “Nichkhun is a liar, disguised as an angel.” During the show’s ‘Tell On Your Mother’ corner, the members revealed all the things bottled up inside of them.

Junho stated, “When we were in San Francisco to perform, we went to a park to relax our bodies and minds. It seemed like Nichkhun wanted to show off that he attended school in the States. he pointed at a tree and shamelessly said, ‘That tree is 10 million years old’. After checking the actual age, it was only 100 years old.”

Nichkhun then replied, “No, it was about 1,000 years old.” Junho then exclaimed, “See, he lies whenever he opens his mouth.” MC Mong, who was on Nichkhun’s side, stated, “It is because he has trouble with Korean,” but was not persuade their thoughts.

In the end, Nichkhun confessed, “I lied because I wanted to look cool,” causing the others to laugh.

On this episode, HaHa and MC Mong prepared a special summer camp for the members who were not able to go on a summer vacation due to their summer vacation. 2PM’s new dorm was also revealed for the first time.

Source: Go Kyung Min @newsen.com
Translation: ch0sshi @kpoplive

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