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22 August 2010

2AM JoKwon and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn’s Kiss

2AM member JoKwon could not contain his excitement and happiness after receiving a kiss from Brown Eyed Girls member GaIn.

The show MBC We Got Married, which aired on the 21st of August, showed the footage of the couple in Bali for the shooting of their wedding photoshoot.

The last shoot of the wedding included a kiss scene, the two could not hide their awkward feelings. JoKwon tried to kiss GaIn first by putting his lips close to GaIn’s lips, but gave up and said “You give it a go”, trying to hide his shy feelings.

GaIn then told JoKwon to close his eyes and rushed into give JoKwon a kiss. JoKwon was very surprised and GaIn ran away after giving him a kiss. JoKwon then started smiling and could not hide his feelings of happiness.

In an interview with the producers of the show JoKwon said “I think she could not wait anymore because I was being too slow. I should have looked after my facial expressions but I’m still happy“.

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