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29 August 2010

[280810] The World Best Hunnam Story: Kangin’s Life in the Army

Kangin, see a different side of me while in army training

Question (0:14): The training which left the deepest impression?

Kangin (0:14-0:38): The training which left the deepest impression is ‘full scale fight training’. It’s not just me by myself but all comrades rushing uphill. It rained the day I took on the training. Hence training together really…let me, this selfish person, I who was quite selfish when in society experience the bond between comrades. That was the training which left the deepest impression.

Kangin (0:48): Loyalty.

Question (0:50): Holding the position of squadron leader…

Kangin (0:50- 1:11): Wish to be the squadron leader and that’s all, it’s the trainee with the front most position within the 11 squads of trainees. It’s a post where I would first listen to their views, and then relay it to the team leaders and small team leaders.

Question (1:12): The toughest training?

Kangin (1:12- 1:15): ‘Chemical and biological weapon training’ could be counted as the toughest training.

Kangin (1:16- 1:35): Actually before entering the chemical gas room I didn’t feel anything, but there isn’t nothing there. Not just me, other trainees also had tears and mucus flowing, painstakingly enduring. Tiring, it was most tiring but after the training (I) felt it was really meaningful.

Question (1:43): Any change in weight?

Kangin (1:43- 2:04): Lost about 10kg. But compared to the past of not eating and persistently losing weight, there’s still living life in a regular manner. Having a regular body is also important, but as thoughts are corrected, diligently exercising, the body naturally becomes better.

Question (2:06): The food you wish to eat the most during the period of training?

Kangin (2:06- 2:19): When in society the habit of eating supper is not easy to change, hence during time for bed after reporting, especially wish to eat pig trotters, radish white cabbage and ramyeon.

Kangin (2:21- 2:24): But now it’s much better, eat more biscuits in the day and it would be fine

Question (2:33): Thoughts after receiving private rank?

Kangin (2:33- 2:57): Actually when (I was) still in society, when talking about privates, (I) would think of it as the lowest rank (received) just after entering the army. Now after entering the army myself, experienced the life of being in a troop, I then knew (I) actually don’t eye on lance corporal, private troop leader ranks, (I) have been anxiously waiting for the time to become a private all the while.

Kangin (2:59- 3:05): After truly receiving the private rank, tears were about to flow out.

Question (3:07): Words you would like to say to former soldiers in future?

Kangin (3:07- 3:17): Started feeling distressed since 3 days ago already, about what to do to let the younger seniors like such a older junior like me.

Kangin (3:19- 3:21): Looks like (I) would have to sing more

Question (3:28): Feelings after entering the army?

Kangin (3:28- 4:05 ): Although I was starting to get use to army life when I first joined the army, I often felt “Even if I weren’t there, the world would also spin well”. At that time, (I) truly had some thoughts about giving up. But as everyone was anticipating the change in me after two years, I changed my thinking, and thought that ‘giving up’ such a term, can only appear in counting kimchi, when counting kimchi*.

*in Korean, ‘giving up’ and the measure word for items have the same meaning.

Question (4:07): Did you receive many letters?

Kangin (4:07-5:07): After entering the army, I counted the number of letters received at the training centre until the day I left the training centre, counted how many letters I’ve actually received, about 1300 to 1400. Actually, when (I was) still in society…although these words would let the fans down, the letters fans have given me, and the support the fans have given, I felt that it was something natural. After joining the troop, being able to fall asleep smiling everyday, (I) was able to experience it’s value. Experiencing army life everyday, (I) feel that I’m worthy of protecting the country as after receiving letters from fans I remembered “there are still people waiting for me” “there are still who people who love me”, still remember me, still giving me support. I don’t feel it’s tough everyday, don’t feel it’s painful, even if it’s painful but (I’m) able to endure, this type of energy comes from the fans letters and support.

Kangin (5:09-5:28): Until successfully ending army life, before being able to stand in front of the fans, I wish to abandon the weak and inadequate old me, through a no matter inside or outside matured look, become someone who is worthy of accepting others love and once again stand in front of everyone.

Question (5:31): Views about having to join the army?

Kangin (5:31- 5:58): As long as you’re a Korean man, of course (you) must join the army and do the job of protecting the country. I as a Korean man, joined the army to do my job of protecting the country. Wanted to join the army grandly but due to certain not so good matters (I) had no choice. But I definitely did not join to avoid (the not so good matters). I think that if it’s to avoid, then (I) wouldn’t able to experience the joys of army life.

Kangin (6:01- 6:10): Reporting. 11 squads, trainee 181 Kim Youngwoon leading 208, 12th august 2010 to accept infantry training. End of report.

Question (6:12): Plans after leaving the army?

Kangin (6:12- 6:15): I want to be a person, become more matured as a man.

Kangin (6:18- 6:20): Rather than regretting in future, why not reflect more.

Kangin (6:25- 6:33): Until (I’m) able to to receive forgiveness, perhaps I’ll also continue with activities, once again stand in front of everyone, and greet everyone.

Question (6:35): After entering the army is there anyone who became your (source of) strength?

Kangin (6:35- 6:28): Of course when I was in society, my family, my beloved friends, beloved members helped me countless times. But now firstly would like to mention those closest like my team leader, small team leaders and separate team leaders, and trainees whom I live with. At first I still thought, would everyone leave me by myself, give me the look. Everyone knew that when I was in society, did some not so good things, I’ve worried before, maybe everyone would not easily become close to me, however it’s only my own thinking. When really coming to this place, the thing I feel the most deeply about, the thing made the bottom of my heart feel even more deeply about is equality.

Ending white text: Regret towards separation, a short meeting of 5 weeks, comrades and regrets gradually leave, setting off towards the new start, there isn’t fear like from the start, but it has become nervousness from challenges. In a troop I thought I would be forgotten about, I portray my future. In a troop where compared to myself, I must (instead) think for others, I saw the real me.

Source: SJ baidu bar
Translation: bulletproof
Reup/Shared: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
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