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24 July 2010

VIVI Magazine Interview - V.I.

Q1) If you have a girlfriend, how will you celebrate her birthday with her?
VI: I will hide myself from her deliberately the day before (laughter) and pretend I do not remember anything. On that particular day, I will bring her to the place that I have already decided before and sing a song only for her.

Q2) What is the most romantic phrase that you say to your girl?
VI: ‘ This gal, is my bride.’ (Laughter) Someone said to me before, if I say this to girls, they will be delighted.

Q3) Which type of girls do you like best?
VI: Those with a good voice and at the same time lovable and pretty.
Since I think that I am busy most of the time, if we really start a relationship, we just cannot see each other very often. That’s why I want to find a girl whose voice is sweet, then I feel really happy when we are talking on the phone. I will feel good for having encouragement like that. Anyway, I just cannot accept the girls who speak rudely.

Q4) Which Japanese song do you sing in Karaoke lounge?
VI: Yuki No Hana of Mika Nakashima.

Q5: If your current girlfriend is doing her make up, how long can you wait for her?
VI: If she is my girlfriend, then she can see me without wearing any make up! Since her characters are more important than her face.

Q6: If you are having a date in Tokyo, where will you go?
VI: Disneyland. Actually, I went there several days ago, with my friends.

Q7: Which shop do you like best in Japan?

Q8: When you were being interviewed by VIVI last time, you imitated Antonio (Note: a Japanese comedian) for us, do you have any other comedian show for us today?
VI: One, two, three. Look out for my arrow! Are you happy today? I am gonna die.(laughter) And I am trying to imitate Kumi Koda recently.


Q1: Who has the biggest difference between performing on the stage and leading his daily life?
VI: G-Dragon. He was cool when he plays the role as a leader but he was like a big brother to me in daily life.

Q2: Who takes a bath for the longest time?
VI: TOP, nearly 2 hours. ‘ Are you still bathing?’ (imaginating)

Q3: Who loves sleeping most?
VI: G-Dragon. He always brings big headache to our manager. (laughter)

Q4: Who does not sleep?
VI: SOL. He always seems to have a lot of worries.

Q5: Who loves looking into the mirror most?

Q6: Whose room is the cleanest?
VI: G-dragon. His room is so clean all the time.

Q7: So whose room is the most messy?
VI: I think it should be mine. (laughter) Because there are legos everwhere.

Q8: Who is the best cook?
VI: G-dragon. He cooks egg soup particularly well, very yummy.

Q9: Who is the most pornographic?
VI: Me? (laughter)

Q10: Who is the naughtiest?
VI: Me! (laughter) I cannot stay still even when we are taking a rest.

Q11: What do you want to have for you last supper?
VI: Beef rice.

Q12: Which 3 things you will bring to the ‘1-man-island’?
VI: A torch, clothing and the photo of my love.

Q13: If you were able to be invisible, what would you do?
VI: I will sneak into the rooms of other members.

Q14: If you can be born again, which sex will you choose?
VI: Male.

Q15: If you had 100 million yen, what would you do?
VI: I would show them to the girls (Laughter) but I would not spend them. It seems to be good if I scattered them all in my room. Then, I would save them up.

Q16. If you were no longer a member of BIGBANG, what would you do?
VI: I would go to college and do some small business. It is good to be a psychologist too.

Q17. If the world was gonna be destroyed tomorrow,what would you do?
VI: I would drive for a while, then hide into an underground air-raid shelter, hoping I can survive there.

Q18: Eating, Sleeping and playing, which of the three is the one that you cannot give up?
VI: Eat!

Q19: You are a vegetarian or a meat-eater?
VI: Meat-eater.

Q20: Do you confess love or others confess love to you?
VI: I am the one who confess love first. I don’t like being confessed love by others. Because I want to take the active role. Moreover, I have not been confessed love by anyone before.

VIVI Magazine
Chinese Translation: VI Bar@Baidu
English Translation: Rice@Bigbang World

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