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10 July 2010

[Vid+Trans] SM, 2.2 billions won of compensation from 3 people of TVXQ

credit: ystarchannel1

Reporter 1: Next news, TVXQ on trial.

Reporter 2: DBSK 3 members Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu have been sued for 2.2 billion won by SME. SM director is claiming 2.2b won compensation for damages incured by the cosmetics business and the cancellation of a concert in Shenzhen. The exact amount of damages will increase this potential amount once the charges will be determined.

Reporter 1: It’s seems like they couldn’t get over it.

Reporter 2: Indeed. Last year, on the 31st July, TVXQ three members filed a disposition application against SME to terminate exclusive contract effect at the Seoul Central District Court. Last October, the Court issued an initial decision in favor of the three TVXQ members by allowing them to keep doing entertainment activities. Since then Micky Yoochun and the others members started their own activities. SM breaks down the possibility of dialogue and concluded to this lawsuit.

Reporter 1: The possible disband of TVXQ and the activities cessation became a serious topic. I think that the lawsuit became concrete.

Reporter 2: TVXQ local activities were suspended but continued in Japan. But despite the album released earlier this year, the 5 members didn’t work at the same time. Japanese agency announced activities suspension that leads to a disband at the end, now that both sides’ position are so far. It was said that the 3 members would give a response as expected. Civil lawsuit takes usually more than 3 years to be established. Unless a dramatic reconciliation of TVXQ, it will be hard to see the 5 of them on stage.

trans by: Kenoa@sharingyoochun

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