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31 July 2010

[Vid + Trans] 100723 KBS joy – Illegal TVXQ Fan

First of all, the girl in white is said to be a new sasaeng, I think she’s the reporter. Let’s call the short haired girl, girl A, the long haired girl, girl B, and the newbie (reporter?), girl C. Please note that there are a lot of cuts in the documentary and we also hear the voices of the guests who are commenting at the same time.

@ 00:44
They are at KBS Music Bank recording and girl C asked the girls to tell her what she should know and do (about the sasaeng actions).

Cut – Girl B: Bodyguards? Those guys don’t even go to the bathrooms.”

Cut – Girl A says that once Yoochun took her memory card and dropped it in the coffee.

Caption: They accept and understand their oppa tough action.

Then girl B explained that somedays, he’s Angel Yoochun, and the other days, he’s Evil Yoochun.

Girl A received a text about Yunho who’s in the practice room. Girl C asked if they can go there now but somehow, they don’t.

They passed by Yoochun’s house, we see the whole family members’ cars, girl A said when YC was in the mood, he took his dog Harang for a walk. Since bodygard said that Yoochun left this morning, Girl B thought they rather went to see Jaejoong.

@ 03:05
They explained the system of the taxis: they are drivers who allow their services to the sasaeng, they called them sasaeng-taxis, and that’s the 1st car they saw when arrived at destination.

That’s where they met their unnie who was waiting for JJ. Girl A/B (?) asked her if Jaejoong got upset again, but she said no, she got a problem with the security guy (not sure because of the video cut).

When they were in the car, the talk dealt with Jaejoong being at SS501 Kim HyunJoong parents’ house. Then they stopped trying to meet him.

Girl A read Yoochun and Yunho daily life, confirmed that YC backpacked his stuff and left for JeonJu (in Jeolla, South of Seoul) and YH was at movies. The girl on phone was stalking to YH and CM dorm (there’s another team over there).

They were in front of Junsu’s house. Girl B called a sasaeng-taxi (sataex) telling him that she had to go to see Yunho, and she tried to get news about Junsu, but she got nothing from him. (that’s part is hilarious)

The girls finally got some news from the ‘sataex’, Yunho was at a café. They drove over there, found him and took their pics until he left in his car.

video credit: HoLoveMin
translation credits: kenoa@sharingyoochun

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