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23 July 2010

[Trans] 100722 D-NA Member Karam’s Life Changed Because Of U-Know Yunho

“D-NA”, the Korean group that debuted in March, has a member that is a fan of U-Know Yunho. Member Karam will always say that he is Yunho’s fan. Their debut song’s similarity to “Hug” has also been a topic discussed about.

The following extract relates to Yunho:

The shy Karam never hesitates to express that he’s “TVXQ member U-Know Yunho’s fan”
As the Vice President of his school and a hardworking student placed in the top 10 out of a 550 student population, the outstanding student always wished to be a part of the judiciary world. Karam’s life changed because of Yunho.

“That day I saw senior Yunho ripping apart his outfit after a dance. Since that dance, I started continuously imitating him. Later on, I didn’t think of dancing by just myself, but rather dreaming of becoming a singer standing on stage.

Watching SBS X-Man and Love Letter, he fell into Yunho’s dancing, as if he was possessed by a spirit. He said, “In the beginning when I first started imitating dances, I came to understand even more the greatness of senior Yunho’s dancing. Even though I wanted to become a lawyer, after seeing Yunho-hyung, my dream changed to wanting to become a singer.”

Favorite singer – Yunho
Favorite musician – Yunho
Favorite artist – Yunho
Favorite person – Yunho
Respected person – Yunho
Inspiring person – Yunho
Have to meet this person – Yunho

Later on, although he already met Yunho before debuting in a group, because he was too over-excited and shook uncontrollably, he couldn’t greet Yunho and felt very regretful afterwards.

The Thanks To message included in the mini album released in June:

“D-NA’s first mini album…
Because this album involves the sincerity and sweat of each of us, please give us a lot of love.
The respected senior Yunho, who allowed me to decide on walking on the path of a singer.
Although I’ve always been the young son of my parents, please watch over the hardworking child aiming to become even better. Love you guys.

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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