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10 July 2010

Son DamBi ‘Queen’ MV accused of plagiarising American drama ‘Alice’

Coming back with her 3rd album, singer Son DamBi’s new MV get slammed with accusations of plagiarism.

A netizen have pointed out that there are some scenes in the MV which looks very similar to that of American drama ‘Alice’. The netizen also posted up photos for comparison between drama ‘Alice’ and Son Dambi’s MV ‘Queen’.

After seeing the photos, other netizens commented, “That’s not plagiarism but parody right? Because the scenes are exactly the same”, “The peak of plagiarism”, “Exactly the same. I didn’t know you can plagiarise a drama” etc.

It seems that at this peak time period of plagiarisms accusations, Son DamBi who just had her singer comeback, cannot run away from the topic too.

S: TVDaily

Here’s the MV:

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