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25 July 2010

SeoHyun’s shocking statement, “I want to see Jung YongHwa in hot pants”

SeoHyun and Jung YongHwa takes up driving test together. The 2 are seeing who will be able to get the passing score at the end of it.

If Seo Hyun wins, Jung YongHwa has to dance the full version of ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’ choreography. And if Jung YongHwa wins, SeoHyun will have to do casual language which she couldn’t usually do.

And on the episode of MBC We Got Married aired on 24th July, the 2 took up their driving test challenge. And the 2 passed it. However, Jung YongHwa’s score was higher. And the 2 got into a psychological war regarding their forfeit.

SeoHyun said, “So Nyeo Shi Dae goes by different costumes. We even have sailor costume. What’s your pick? How about hot pants, skinny jeans and high heels?”

Jung YongHwa then said, “You get ready to speak in casual language.” And SeoHyun replied, “I will walk hard on that until I see you perform ‘Genie’.”

S: Newsen

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