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23 July 2010

Nichkhun tries to cheer up Victoria

2PM’s Nichkhun will be devising a plan to alleviate f(x)’s Victoria’s disappointment with him.

On last week’s episode, Victoria was a little disappointed with Nichkhun for not keeping their first promise. Although Victoria coolly seemed to have pushed the matter away, Nichkhun decided to prepare something special for him and his on-screen wife, Victoria.

The Khuntoria couple headed to a lone valley, where the two spent a reasonable amount of time on learning more about one another.

Nichkhun tried all he could do to cheer up his wife and did his best to make their first trip as memorable as possible. But in his failed attempt, Victoria still let out her disappointment and sadness, further surprising Nichkhun with her unexpected reaction. This episode will air on the 24th.


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