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10 July 2010

[News] BEG will debut in Japan on August

Brown Eyed Girls will debut with their album 'Sound-G' on the 25th of next month in Japan.
Brown Eyed Girls will hold a showcase on August 6th in Harajuku, Tokyo at Astro Hall. They will open their showcase with a mini live of 'Sound-G' and reveal their charm and maturity to fans.

Brown Eyed Girls opened their new Japanese homepage (www.browneyedgirls.jp) on the 9th and will advance into Japan with their hit song Abracadabra in japanese.
They said that they are working hard in order to show fans a better image of themselves and told japanese fans to look forward to their debut.

Brown Eyed Girls debuted back in 2006 and made consecutive hit songs gaining immense popularity such as '다가와서', 'Hold The Line', 'L.O.V.E', '어쩌다', 'You', 'My Style', 'Abracadabra', and the latest hit, 'Sign' and '잠에 취해'.

source. gounworld@yna.co.kr+dkpopnews
translations. snjeung @4-everlastings.com
shared by dbskdream

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