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31 July 2010

MBLAQ’S Mir is an outsider?

Through the recent episode of MBC Infinity Girls, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon revealed his awkward relationship with fellow member, Mir.

When the Infinity Girls asked Lee Joon:

“Among the members, is there a person who you still feel awkward around?”

Lee Joon honestly responded:

“In our team, Mir is the outsider”

“I’ve tried spending more time with him, but we have a hard time communicating with each other”

After hearing Lee Joon’s response, the Infinity Girls suggested:

“While you guys communicate, you guys are supposed to take in what the other person has to say. In this case, Mir is peculiar”

“Instead of Mir being cast as the outsider, I think the MBLAQ members are neglecting him”

On the other hand, Mir expressed:

“I’m quite a jokester while Lee Joon has a reserved and careful personality. That’s why we’re awkward with one another”

Hopefully, in the near future, both Mir and Lee Joon will become besties for life!


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