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09 July 2010

MBLAQ and f(x) chosen as the best newcomers for the 1st half of year 2010

MBLAQ has been chosen as the impressive newcomer for the 1st half of year 2010.

A poll ‘Which is the best newcomer for the 1st half of year 2010′ was held on music portal site Bugs from 29th June to 5th July. And MBLAQ came in #1 with 46% of the votes (3,459 votes).

Known as ‘chic-dols’, MBLAQ is an idol group groomed by world star Rain who debuted last October. They released their 2nd single album in mid-May titled ‘Y’. ‘Y’ also went up to #33 on Bugs Weekly Top 100.

At #2 on the chart is girlgroup f(x). Netizen commented, “Recently of all the idols, f(x) stood out as addictive”. f(x) recently released their 1st minialbum ‘NU ABO’ in May, and they had received great reviews for their performances.

At #3 is group BEAST. For the first half of this year, BEAST had promoting hiphop number ‘Special’ and ballad ‘Easy’. Currently, they are doing their Asian promotions in countries like Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia etc.

And at #4 is band C.N Blue who made their Korean debut with the song ‘Loner’. The song was very well received and netizens commented, “CN Blue is a good which stands out, whether for their music or on variety shows.” They recently released their 2nd minialbum ‘Bluelove’ and the title song ‘Love’ went up to the #1 spot on various music charts. And the group is currently preparing for their Asian tour with the promotions for their album coming to an end.

The rest of the ranking:

2. f(x)
4. C.N Blue
5. Secret
6. ZE:A


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