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31 July 2010

Kim Shin Young sings Bad Girl Good Girl

On July 27th’s radio broadcast of KBS FM Narsha’s Raise the Volume, gag women Kim Shin Young sang a special stage of miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl to celebrate the show’s 100th day anniversary.

At the beginning of Kim Shin Young’s performance, she seemed pretty confident singing the song. But as the song progressed, she was starting to run out of breath. It seemed like the song, sang by four members of miss A, was a bit too hard to sing herself.

Although Kim Shin Young struggled at singing the song perfectly, she still bursted laughters from the guests as she even danced a bit to the choreography of Bad Girl Good Girl.

At the end of her performance, she even showcased miss A’s leg splitting choreography as she received an applause from the guests.

After she finished her performance, Kim Shin Young commented, “I think you need at least two people to sing this song.”

Netizens who have seen the video commented things such as, “She almost ran out of breath,” “Good work” and “It was beautiful seeing Kim Shin Young trying her best until the end.“


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