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23 July 2010

G.NA, “I grew impatient seeing the other 5Girls members debut one after another”

Super rookie G.NA expresses his affection to the other 5Girls members.

G.NA said in a recent interview with Newsen, “I have been keeping in contact with the 5Girls and we have been encouraging each other on. Even though much time has passed, I still feel overwhelmed knowing that I will be promoting with the other members.”

G.NA was supposed to debut as part of 5Girls in 2007 as the leader member. And the other members from the group includes WonderGirls YooBin, After School UEE and Secret HyoSeong etc who had later debuted in other groups before G.NA.

G.NA said, “Even though I cannot talk to the 5Girls members often on the phone, we will communicate via other mediums like minihompy or email. When YooBin was promoting in the States, we would text message each other. UEE will also keep in touch with me even though she is busy with her drama filming. And for HyoSeong, I gets to see her often since we use the same recording studio.”

“Honestly speaking, having waited 3 years I get the feeling that I’ve failed. Especially when the other members debuted one after another, even though I still give my encouragement, I grew impatient. I’m worried because I’m the oldest.”

She continued, “Even so, I feel happy. I am very happy that we can get together again. It is very meaningful for me. The affection I have for 5Girls is indescribable.”


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