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30 July 2010

G.NA, “Hyunah who cried for me, thank you so much”

Super Rookie’ G.NA(or Gina) who has debut with the song ‘I’ll back off so you can live better’ has sent her thanks to ’4Minute’ Hyunah.

On the 24th G.NA has uploaded a picture of herself and Hyunah before debut in her mini homepage and has thanked all of her friends who have supported her.

G.NA who has uploaded the photo taken with Hyunah wrote “Baby girl~~ When was this? We were running so much that we forgot this photo.. It was so good that time or now . . When I was practicing my choreography, tender Hyunah who was crying somewhere I couldn’t see.. Thank you for standing on stage for me.. I will work really hard!” and expressed her thankfulness.

Followed by this G.NA wrote “Ah ah.. Mario oppa.. I am always so thankful…!!!! I think it was a cool stage because of you! Thank you so much to JjunHyung .. I was reassured for the first broadcast….^ ^ And Doojoon who has to stand on Sunday.. thank you!!!!!! I will work hard!!! Hwaiting to all of us!~~~<3″>

Fans who saw this left a message saying “A warm family”, “The trend is Choi Gina!”, “Unnie and Hyunah unnie came out so pretty”, “Hwaiting to goddess Gina unnie”.

Meanwhile, G.NA is getting a lot of attention from netizens with debut song “I’ll back off so you can live better” with her polished style and a rookie who looks like a luxurious Rookie.

  • Source: Nate News
  • Translation: Seungeun Lee @ GNA-Superstar.com 1
  • Credits: GNA-Superstar.com

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