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30 July 2010

BoA reveals album poster to upcoming 6th album ‘Hurricane Venus’

Singer BoA reveals the album poster to her comeback 6th album.
BoA released the poster photo through her Twitter account on 29th July and wrote, “6th album Hurricane Venus!! Coming soon!!!!!!! I worked hard to make this!! Listen through the CD for good sound quality!!^^”
With that, many netizens commented, “This is the CD we have been waiting so long for, of course we will listen through CD”, “I have to buy this. 6th album daebak” etc. There were also international fans who commented, “I hope that they will allow shipping of the CD overseas” etc.
Meanwhile, BoA revealed 2 songs off the album ‘Game’ and ‘Stand By’ previously on 28th July. The album will be released officially on 5th August. The title song ‘Hurricane Venus’ will be released through various music sites online on 2nd August.

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