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31 July 2010

2PM, “Larger and fuller of quality than any other concerts.”

2PM, who has their first solo concert coming up, is very busy summing up the preparation for their concert.

2PM was very serious about the fact that they would make the concert not only very big but also full of joy, compared to any other performances. They also wanted to make sure that the focus was on the stage prop, and their performances.

“The concert is much bigger in size than any other concerts. They are going to make a good use of the projected stage. In addition, we are also preparing each member’s solo performances very hard by discussing with them. Not just the performances, but costumes were also made in reflection of each member’s opinion.” Said their agency during the phone interview with OSEN on the 28th. Also, they added “We are preparing the concert carefully. We may be very nervous about it because it is their first solo concert. But we are working very hard, so please look forward to it.”

2PM’s first concert will be held at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium for two days, July 31st and August 1st.

Source:OSEN|Kor-Eng:Lisa @2pmalways

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