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12 June 2010

WonderGirls, “YooBin is most different in front of guys”

The WonderGirls reveal that member YooBin changes in front of guys.

The WonderGirls were recently no KBS 2TV Happy Together 3 when they were asked “Which member is the most different when in front of guys?” and they picked YooBin.

YeEun said, “When in front of guys, YooBin will give her smiling eyes exceptionally more often. And the way she speaks also changes, she speaks in a lower voice.”

SoHee continued, “YooBin not only does a lot of smiling eyes in front of guys, she also don’t have any gestures and changes to be become more feminine.” She then did a demostration of how YooBin will behave in front of guys, and ended with an apologetic smile.

YeEun then said, “New member HyeRim is also very different in front of guys. When she brings out CDs and autographes, she will choose her best photos to sign on.”


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