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09 June 2010

WonderGirls YooBin garners interests with recent weight loss

Coming back recently with hit song ’2 Different Tears’, WonderGirls member YooBin has recently been garnering much interests from netizens for her weight loss.

Photos of her recent public performance are posted up and circulated by netizens on various portal community sites, and the photos showed a more slender YooBin as compared to before. Especially since in some of her photos, her collarbone is shown very obviously.

Netizens’ comments:

* “Daebak, she’s the legend”
* “Really pretty”
* “She has returned to how she was like during ‘So Hot’ days!”
* “YooBin is the sexy cute”
* “Too skinny, she needs to eat more~”
* “She is like a doll”
* “Her charms are not a joke, like really”

YooBin looks really hot now. Many of us also know that previously YooBin was under much stress when she was criticised for putting on too much weight. But I hope she eats more because she looks really skinny now.


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