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11 June 2010

WonderGirls SoHee, “My cooking is of good standards” but the other members’ responses were…?

WonderGirls SoHee reveals that her cooking is of good standard during the girls’ appearance on KBS 2TV Happy Together 3 aired on 10th June.

SoHee revealed, “Thinking about it, I think my cooking skills are of good standards. I know how to cook the kimchi fried rice, beanpaste soup and kimchi soup.”

But with that, the other members’ responses were that they have never tasted SoHee’s cooking before. SoHee then explained, “I cooked and eat them alone,” which had roused laughter from the other star appearances on the show. Even though SoHee thinks she cooks well, she could not get the other members to verify it.

Meanwhile, the girls will be doing their American concert tour from this month.


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