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19 June 2010

WGM production team dismisses rumours of Adam Couple leaving the show through subtitles on latest episode

Speculations of Jo Kwon and GaIn leaving ‘We Got Married’ is dismissed through the latest episode of the show.

On MBC We Got Married aired on 19th June, GaIn and Jo Kwon faces with the problem of the ending of the contract for their new home. The couple was given 3 boxes and was told to pack their stuff and leave the house as the contract for it has ended.

Seeing that, GaIn said, “It looks like we are going to separate now. It seems like we doing a divorce,” looking flustered. And at that moment, the subtitles “That guy’s rumour of quitting” appeared.

With news that Jo Kwon and GaIn has not carried out any filming for the show for the past 3 weeks, and with new couple Nich Khun and Victoria joining the show, there has been rumours and speculations of the Adam Couple leaving the show.

But the production team has dismissed the rumours through the subtitles shown in the latest episode. The production team explained that through the recent strike, the crew had accumulated enough filmings for the show till earlier August.

S: MTStarnews

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