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16 June 2010

Victoria talks about first WGM filming, “When Nich Khun appeared, I went dazed”

f(x) Victoria talks about her first filming with 2PM Nich Khun as made-believe couple for MBC We Got Married.

Victoria revealed through SM Entertainment on 16th May, “During the first filming, I was really curious who will appear (as my made-believe husband). And when Nich Khun seonbae appeared, my mind just went blank.”

She also said, “Thinking back, I wondered how I had completed the first filming with Nich Khun seonbae, because I was so nervous then.” The 2 were recently confirmed as new couple on the show, and their first filming took place on 1st June. They had gone into the first filming not knowing who they will be paired with.

Meanwhile, the 2 had already garnered great interests as the show’s first foreigner couple. Victoria is from China and Nich Khun from Thailand, and even though Victoria is a year older than Nich Khun, she calls Nich Khun by ‘seonbae’ as he had debuted before her.

Their first episode on the show will be aired within this month.


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